Creative Paraphrasing Strategies in Academic Writing


In today’s fast-paced and information-driven world, effective communication is a fundamental skill, particularly within the academic sphere. Students and scholars must navigate a vast sea of information, assimilate it, and then express their understanding in a unique and original manner. Paraphrasing, the act of rephrasing
someone else’s words or ideas while retaining the core message, is an indispensable tool in this endeavor.

Our journey into the realm of paraphrasing began with a simple yet pressing question: How do university students engage with paraphrasing in their academic writing? To find answers, we embarked on a comprehensive research project that spanned multiple institutions and engaged students from diverse academic backgrounds.

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ISBN: P 978-623-191-101-8; E 978-623-191-102-5
Penulis: Ni Putu Diana Novita Dewi, I Dewa Gede Rat Dwiyana Putra, Made Wahyu Mahendra.
Paperback, x + 79 halaman, 21 X 14,8 cm.
Tahun: 2023

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