Introduction to Morphosyntax


This book concerns with the study about language which cover two main discussions; morphology and syntax. In this book, the materials presented consist of 12 Units. The first seven units concern with morphology and the rest concern with syntax. In the parts of morphology the topics to be discussed are: word forms; a word and its parts; words and inflection; derivation; the root combination, blends, and phrasal words; the structure of words; and field methods.

While, in the part of Syntax, the topics to be discussed include head and modifiers, constituent structures, constructions, grammatical functions, and the structure of phrases, clauses, and sentences.

Every unit is presented in the following arrangement: the basic concept related to Morphology or Syntax to be achieved, indicators of achievements, the description of the concepts completed with relevant examples, exercises that involve problems to be explored and discussed for further students’ comprehension toward the topic presented in every chapter. Every chapter is ended with the suggested reference for further reading.


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