Defense of The Hindu People on The Indonesian Border


The existence of Hindus in Indonesia’s border regions, such as Batam, Tarakan, Malinau and Atambua, reflects the diversity of culture and religion in Indonesia. Even though most of the Indonesia’s population is Muslim, there are Hindu communities that are still active and play an important role in culture and social life in these regions, such as in Batam, Tarakan, Malinau and Atambua. Batam is an island located close to Singapore and Malaysia. The Hindu community in Batam is relatively small compared to the majority Muslim population. Places of worship such as temples and Hindu groups are active here, but on a more limited scale compared to other Indonesian islands. Tarakan is a city located in North Kalimantan Province, close to the Malaysian border. The Hindu community in Tarakan is also a minority, but they still maintain the continuity of Hindu religious traditions and ceremonies.


ISBN: 978-623-191-190-2 (cetak); 978-623-191-191-9 (digital)
Penulis: I Gede Suwantana, I Made Sugata, I Ketut Donder & Prasanthy Devi Maheswari

Paperback 21 X 14,8 cm; xii + 284 halaman
Terbit: April 2024

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